London And North Western Railway 1846-1923
Accidents, Mishaps and disputes
During the time the L&NWR was operating the line Leighton Buzzard was the scene for the odd accident or mishap such as these noted below
Bottom Falls Out Of The Train
On the 23rd January 1871 a young man was travelling alone in a second class carriage on the 3.40pm train from Euston to Birmingham. As he got close to Leighton Buzzard the floor of the carriage suddenly dropped out. He sprang on the seat and leaning out of the window, tugged at the communication cord which went to the guards van for the guard to stop the train. At length the train slowed down and the young man jumped out without waiting for it to stop. He escaped without injury but the same could not be said for his hat and luggage which were found considerably worse for wear on the track at Leighton Buzzard.
Claim made to the L&NWR
Mrs Finch sent a claim to the L&NWR after the 12.25 train to Dunstable set fire to her "big field"
Rescue of a boy at Leighton Buzzard Station
On Thursday 4 August 1921 Henry Mills, aged 12, of Islington, was one of a party of lads sent on holiday by the Freash Air Fund, on of the societies which gave poor children country outings. On the station platform there was some playing arround, as a train was starting, and Henry was accidently pushed forward so that he fell between the platform and the train, in the opening between two of the carriages. He was going to try and scramble back onto the platform but, if he had, this would have been fatal as the edge of the carriage would have crushed him at it moved. However Henry lived to tell the tale because the Station Master shouted for him to lie still and at the same time Mr Seabrook flung himself full length onto the platform. Mr Seabrook thrust his hand and arms down between the train and the platform and held the boy down on the ground beside the line sheltered beneath the parapet of the platform until the train could be stopped and the boy pulled to safety. Henry escaped with only a cut on his head.
Mr Seabrook Mr Seabrook saving Henry Mills
Industrial disputes
In August 1911 the L&NWR experienced a number of industrial diputes where its workers went on strike for a shorter working day. One of its employees who lived in Leighton Buzzard, but worked at Euston station, was presented with a certificate which recognised his loyalty to the Company in not taking part in the disputes
Certificate presented to Mr Alfred Parker for loyalty to the Company