About Us!
"The Greenleas Navvys"
David Messum
Our intrepid leader and task master! David kept us on track, and under control! We don't know how he managed it, but was responsible for the wonderful cartoons under the Health and Safety pages, also putting onto screen the Virtual School Trip and Silverlink.
Sadly David's wife Nina died during the building of this website and we, with David's consent, would like to dedicate this Greenleas Rail History site to her.

Nina was a teacher and Deputy Head at Greenleas for just one year before she was diagnosed with cancer. In her short time at our school she inspired parents and fellow teachers alike. Her lessons were exciting, her pupils wanted to learn, her ready smile welcomed the children into their classrooms every day.

Christine Richardson
Had one of the most important roles within our team, Treasurer! She kept us all happy by getting our expenses sorted! Christine was also responsible for getting on-line LNWR, BR and the very extensive Photo Library. Last seen being booked in to clinic, to be treated for anorak obsession!
Annabel Brandreth
Our Teacher Mentor, also Clutch Peacekeeper, negotiator and mediator! Annabel had to have her teacher head on with the team a lot of the time and kept us going when things got tough! (As well as cooking her little "bun in the oven"!
Annie Rourke
One of our Chief Researchers which included going out on interviews, and spending a lot of time in front of census and micro fiches. Annie also had a big part in the BR pages. A bit of a mean operator of the old tape recorder and also editing, and compressing of these sounds for the Web.
Jane Tippite
Unofficially Second-in-Command! if David wasn't on our case Jane was! Keeping the whip cracked and keeping us on our targets! Jane also turned out to be a total whiz and expert on the Scanning and Photoshop side of things, as well as being heavily involved with the Virtual School Trip and research. Jane and Nicky were quite often to be found trudging the streets of Linslade trying to dig out it's secrets.
Nicky Irvine
The other half to the Research Team Extraordinaire! also a bit of a pro with the tape recorder, and editing and compressing sound clips before the inclusion on to the web pages of L&B, LMS and BR. Another awesome researcher, and text author. Nicky is a bit of a boffin on the quiet, and has a bit of a frightening memory for facts and figures! (A quick apology from Nicky, to the Gentleman her Mother accosted in the street, on one of her research trips around Linslade! all in the name of train history!)
Ali Clegg
Ali, was involved in all aspects of this website. She was our "Jack of all trades" research, photography and L&B and LMS pages. Ali kept everything light hearted and fun! and was particularly involved in organising our social events!
Last but not least, we must mention our long suffering families, who have put up with some very strange behaviour from us in the last few months, including listening patiently to many of our very interesting train facts, figures and history!. From all of us, WE THANK YOU! (and promise to get back to some housework now the project is over!)