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A Sunday school trip by barge to Slapton in the 1940's.
Except for St Mary’s there is a history of Sunday schools in the churches and chapels of Linslade dating back to 1843.

Although Sunday schools had a serious purpose there was a lighter side and they were popular with children because of the outings they went on and the treats they received.

*Click here for an example of a Victorian Sunday
school treat.

The Bethel Chapel Sunday school opened on July 9th 1843 when 10 children attended. It is still active today.
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St Barnabas started classes 6 years later when the church was opened. By 1866 there were 270 children compared to today’s figure of 20. Today there are 3 groups for children at St Barnabas - the toddler group, the Sunday School and the Barnacles for older children. *Click here to find out more about the activities of the toddler group.
This is an example of a stamp book from 1910-1911. The children stuck their stamps into it each week when they attended sunday school at St Barnabas.

From 1861 until 1938 there was a Sunday school at the Jubilee Primitive Methodist Chapel. In 1863 there were 110 scholars, however over the years numbers lessened and the chapel closed. .
On 4th October 1943 the Methodist Chapel in Mentmore Road started its Sunday school with 2 girls, 2 boys and 5 adults. In the first year membership grew to over 30.

Today in Linslade there are Sunday schools at only St Barnabas Church and the Bethel Chapel. However, many Linslade people have memories of Sunday school.