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When someone dies there is a special service held in the church or chapel called a funeral to remember that person.

Sometimes they are then buried in a churchyard. Linslade today has just one churchyard at St. Mary's Church, Old Linslade. Although there used to be one at the Bethel Chapel where some of the gravestones can still be seen today.

Headstones are placed on graves and are memorials which tell us something of the life of the person buried there. Normally this consists of name, date of birth and death together with their age.

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This is the Lychgate at St Mary's
When St. Barnabas first opened the service would take place in the church, after which the coffin would be carried for over a mile across the fields to St Mary's churchyard. The men would be able to rest at the Lychgate which has seats and a roof to give shelter from the rain. The coffin would be placed on a bier, which is a sort of wooden stretcher, until the clergyman arrived to perform the burial.
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