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Colours of the Season
Different colours are used for the vestments worn by the vicar and the servers. Colour is important and reflects the mood of the particular time of the church's year or the particular service.
Green This is the colour for Epiphany and the season after Pentecost. These two seasons are an ordinary time because the Sundays have no names, just ordinal numbers. It is also the colour of nature and signifies how new life is most often seen during the year.
Purple This signifies wealth, power and Royalty. Used in Advent and Lent. It is also a penitential colour. It expresses a mood of penance and preparation before a great feast.
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White This describes angels and the Risen Lord. Used in Easter and Christmas. Also used for funerals since it is the colour of the Resurrection.
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Gold An alternative to white. White and gold are the colours of celebration and joy worn at great feasts such as Easter and Christmas.
Red The colour of blood. It recalls the fire of the Holy Spirit and the blood shed by Our Lord and the martyrs of the faith. Used in the last week of Lent which is called Holy Week. Also used for Pentecost Sunday, Palm Sunday, the feasts relating to the Holy Cross and St. Barnabas Day.
Black The colour of formal occasions and it is sometimes the colour for funeral services and Good Friday.

Rose Used on the third Sunday in Advent to signify joy.

Blue An alternative to purple, especially during Advent.

Unbleached Cloth This is the Lenten Array. Used in St. Barnabas during Lent. During Passiontide the same linen covers the decoration in Church such as the pictures of the Blessed Virgin.