The Newport Pagnell Flyer - Buster
The Buster is a famous train,
Wolverton and back again
That's the total all round trip
And gosh-o-blimey, don't it nip
Pouring steam from every crack
As it goes belting up the track
Will it make it - No! - it will!
Crawling up the Black Horse Hill
Then you think your life should end,
When tearing madly round the bend
I'm speaking of the dangerous swerve,
Whilst jumpin roundthe"Braddle" curve
Piercing screams as brakes are applied,
That's the end of the outward ride
The engine rests - as pants the heart,
In three hours, perhaps, it will depart
Sure to take in on the 1am,
To miss the train from Birmingham
You should be met it's getting late,
No-one there, they could not wait
But let me say some words of cheer,
They're very few indeed, I fear
If at all you should be late, Worry not, for from the gate
A porter comes and scans the road
"'R', ere comes two, I mighta knowed,
Hey urry up, cor strike a light
We aint awaiting arf the night "
You scramble in, sit down, and so
It's a case of "Right - o - Charlie, let her go"
This poem is thought to have been written in about 1936 by an enthusiastic traveller. It gave the train the name 'Buster' but by the time the line closed it was known affectionately by one and all as 'Nobby'.