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Air Operations - Tempsford Airfield
As a specialised airfield, from where secret agents would be flown out on their missions to Occupied Europe, Tempsford was deliberately selected by the Air Ministry for it’s isolated location.
To confuse enemy reconnaisance, it was made to look as if it was disused and as for the locals, apart from the fact that there were only flights on a few days each month, nothing betrayed the impression that this was anything but an ordinary airfield.

Number 138 and 161 Squadrons operated from the base using a variety of aircraft, to include Stirlings, Halifaxes and Lysanders, on missions to drop or pick up agents, collect V.I.P.s and deliver supplies to the Resistance.

Including Peter Churchill and Violet Szabo, many agents who would become

famous for their exploits were flown out of Tempsford and of the missions accomplished, perhaps the most spectacular was the destruction of the heavy water plant in Norway.

Pictured above is a plaque situated on the old airfield, dedicated to the memory of all the people who were involved in the Tempsford operations. Their efforts should never be forgotton.