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S.O.E Gadgets and Devices
Listed here are some of the devices used by the S.O.E. - pretty amazing, don't you think ?
Tyre Spike or Caltrope
First used against cavalry, these spikes proved very effective against enemy vehicle tyres, especially if agents were being pursued by potential captures.
The Clam
Explosive device fitted with magnets used against railway engine lines or general sabotage. 69,000 were supplied and fitted with a 30 minute time delay.
Two pieces of wood with strong wire or thin rope, used to silence and strangle sentries. All of these examples may be seen in the Imperial War Museum, London.
This is a specially constructed single shot pistol with a detachable silencer. Used by both the O.S.S. and the S.O.E., it was silent when used with the muzzle pressed against the target. Reliable in action, this weapon was accurate at short distances up to 30 yards and easy to conceal. The targets were painted with radioactive paint which glowed in the dark.
Welrod silenced pistol
The Air Pen is a black metal cylinder slightly larger than a conventional fountain pen. Inside the cylinder is a powerful spring , capable of accurately firing a dart to a distance of 40 feet.

Purpose: The Air Pen possesses a powerful spring that allows it to fire a heavier dart of greater velocities than that of a smaller dart -pen. The Air Pen is fired by holding the body of the pen with one hand and using the other hand to turn the knurled front ring one half turn. The Air Pen is pointed and fired without the use of external sights.

Length: 6"
Width: 1-2"
Capacity: single shot, reloadable.

The Air Pen is intended to be used at night by specially trained personnel to silence guard dogs and larger targets. The Air Pen may also be employed for Psychological Warfare against enemy occupation personnel, using public transportation, or in crowds.

Designed by the O.S.S., the Stinger is a small one shot 22 calibre weapon, factory loaded, and cannot be reloaded. It can be cocked and fired with one hand. 10 Stingers are packed in a wood and cardboard box, sealed in a moisture proof envelope. Each box contains this pictorial instruction sheet. ( See photo for details).

Size: 3-4" x 1-2 diam
Weight : 1-3 oz
Packed 10 to a carton
Weight of carton 10oz
50 cartons to a case
Shipping weight of case 49Ilbs
Cubage 1.6cu ft
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