Atlantiksender Radio Show

In February 1943 Sefton Delmer started another radio show to be broadcast in German called Deutsche Kurzwellensender Atlantik. This translated into English was 'German Short-Wave Radio Atlantic'. The name of the radio show was shortened to Atlantiksender.

The daily log July 19th 15.30 & 15.35: Delmer rang, no recording for G3 today. Yesterday's record, which is very hot stuff and was very heavily jammed to go out today. D. wants "broadside" type of transmission as much as possible.Rang S. and spoke to Miss
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Towse. She will notify re. recording and will contact Col P (by phone) when he comes out of a meeting re. "Broadside" and ring back.

Winston Churchill was very keen that the U-boats (German submarines) would receive this radio service. He felt that as the submarines were cut off from Germany the men on board were more likely to believe what was broadcast, if it sounded genuine. To help the show sound really German the band of the British Royal Marines recorded real German military music. They even invented a sailor's sweetheart called Vicky. The show spread rumours that German prisoners of war were earning large wages working in America. This was to make the Germans feel that there might be advantages to being captured or surrendering. The German Authorities soon realised this station was British propaganda but could do nothing to stop it or to stop their sailors from listening to it.
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