Food Rations

These stamps show the fake Himmler stamp along side two real Hitler stamps
Some stamps were produced with Himmler’s head on them rather than Hitler’s. The idea was that it would spread the rumour that Himmler was trying to take over Germany from Hitler. Despite the stamps being carefully smuggled into Stockholm and posted to strategic places and people in Germany, nobody noticed the switch and so this bit of propaganda was a failure.

German food was being rationed during the war the same as in Britain. To cause food shortages and panic buying among the Germans, Delmer asked for a ration card to be produced. It was a special two day card that was allowed to be used in restaurants. These cards had a special watermark on them and allowed the holder to buy a little bread, meat and butter.
A larger card was made with extra rations on it, margarine, sugar coffee and cheese. The Germans changed the watermark on these cards to try and stop the forgeries. Mr Howe soon changed to the latest German design. These were apparently very popular amongst ordinary Germans and quite successful.
Left, a forged ration card