PWE - Health Scares

This booklet promoted the idea that German flour was bad for peoples health
(Left) Another powerful piece of propaganda was the leaflet claiming to be written by a German research officer for food and agriculture. This leaflet said that the process of making bread at the time was likely to cause stomach cancer (a very bad illness). You can imagine the panic this news would cause.
(Below) Other clever ideas included a letter from a doctor supposedly working closely with Hitler. This first doctor describes another doctor called Brandt, who was Hitler’s favourite. It also goes on to describe a lot of terrible ailments Hitler had. This was to make people think that Hitler was too sick to run the country. The Letter also maintained that this pretend doctor had a lot of influence over Hitler.
This letter was sent to various Germans with the following note :
My Dear.....

You now have the promised copy of my letter to the Furher. I know that it is safe in your hands. May all benovolent forces help so that the evil may be averted. Fiat voluntas...

Always your K. E. Kraft