Ellic Howe

A man called Ellic Howe was a clever graphic designer and printer. Ellic Howe started working for Sefton Delmer in March 1942.

Ellic Howe used to go to great lengths to get the perfect paper and ink to match the kind of paper used in Germany for certain documents. On one occasion Mr. Howe and an associate were having a lot of trouble matching a particular type of German paper. They discovered that the paper used to make labels for a particular brand of beer was perfect for the job.

To help him in his endeavours Howe enlisted the help of Berthold Wolpe who at the time was newly married, and had his honeymoon disturbed to help Ellic Howe. Wolpe had been a pupil of a well known German type designer and graphic artist. Because of his background Berthold Wolpe was able to help Howe produce the kind of gothic script the Germans were so fond of at that time.

(Right) A copy of Malingering booklet cover showing typical German gothic lettering.