The Paper War

Different types of propaganda used during the war were given different descriptions.

Information that reached Britain's enemies that was obviously coming from the British government, was called 'white' propaganda. This sort of propaganda was usually not devious or sneaky. The more interesting and clever, but sometimes cruel propaganda that could not be traced back to the British government was called 'black'.

Part of this black propaganda you have already heard about on previous pages. These were the clever radio shows devised at Milton Bryan. Another form of black propaganda was the paper war, so called because it involved printing forged and imitation leaflets, stamps, stickers, money, ration cards and other clever items. The job of these paper forgeries was to cause unhappiness and confusion amongst the German people.

This fake currency was supposed to be used in German army canteens. On the back there was a verse written, which said that it may as well have been used as Hitler's toilet paper.