Milton Bryan

Propaganda during World War 2 took two main forms, radio broadcasts, leaflet and paper drops over Germany and other occupied areas. This type of propaganda was called black propaganda. In fact the new department was often referred to as the department of un-gentlemanly conduct.

The radio broadcasts were transmitted from a specially built recording studio at Milton Bryan (pictured right) in Bedfordshire.

Daily log dated April 13th 19:00 hrs : Delmer rang to say there is a "terrific mistake" in the transmission going out at the moment please cancel any further transmissions. He would like to go and re-record the stuff for future transmissions. Night fixed with Simpson (Miss Watson) to inform Delmer at 19.10. Mullela doing job for a 7.30 recording session. (In the margin a note written n red reads; xmissions not made).
During the propaganda operations, daily logs (records) of all phone calls were kept. Most of these were destroyed at the end of the war, but one still remains undamaged and has kindly been lent to us. It shows a fascinating insight into the day to day activities. Throughout the P.W.E. pages there will be images of these records.
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