P.W.E. Introduction

Political Warfare Executive

Sounds posh doesn't it, But what does it stand for?

In September 1941 Winston Churchill the Prime Minister of England at that time, got fed up with the different propaganda departments arguing. Because of this he set up one big department instead of many small offices.

What does the word propaganda mean?

The dictionary description is this;

The systematic and widespread promotion of a certain set of ideas, doctrines to further ones own cause, also ideas doctrines, or allegations to spread by deception.

Still confused?

It's a bit like when you are playing with a group of friends in the playground and one friend tells another friend that you don't like them anymore. The 1st friend isn't telling the truth about you, he or she may want the 3rd friend to be friends with them and not you.

This is a sort of propaganda.

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