Sports were considered a very good thing to have in any school and we had four teams - reds, yellows, blues, greens, and the children belonged to these and were very keen on their team throughout the school. When the boys and girls became 11 at the top classes, every year in the spring we had a competition and the boys that could play football were chosen to be either in the 'Robins' team or the 'Bluebirds' team, and we bought them red shirts and blue shirts, of course, and they used to come out of the school from one of the windows and up the bank which they called the 'Wembley Tunnel', and they went on the playing field and played there - Bluebirds and Robins - and they were awarded a shield for the one that won the game. And that was very highly thought of, and I've met lots of boys who've grown up to be men since who've said to me, 'Oh, we always remember being in the Robins or Bluebirds, Miss.' And the girls equally had a netball competition - same thing. Sports days - we were always keen on sports days, and the fastest boy or girl in the school at the end of their career, again at 11, were judged to be the 'Champions' of the school.
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