In considering shopping in Bletchley it would be impossible not to mention Bletchley Market. Until the 1960's, Bletchley still had a cattle market. The town had been predominantly an agricultural area until the London 'overspill' expansion. This market was sited where the Sainsbury supermarket is today. Mrs. Kit Tasker, who moved to the town from London, remembers this weekly event as quite a social occasion as Mums would chat whilst the children enjoyed looking at the animals After the cattle market ceased to exist, a large general market continued to run - although not always in the same location - for many years.
It finally settled at the far end of Queensway, opposite the Westfield Road and Cambridge Street junction. A permanent plastic canopy 'roof' was erected over the stalls and remained for several years until it was removed after being severely damaged in a fire.
Above and Right: Bletchley Market with its canopy in place in the 1970's.
A market still takes place in Queensway, with stalls now lining the pavement, but it is on a smaller scale than in past years.
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