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This website was created by the Eaton Mill Overspill CLUTCH [Computer Literacy and Understanding Through Community History] Club - Linda Collins, Angie Wright, Marian Mayes and Shelley McEwan.

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions made by the following organisations and individuals, without whose help we could not have completed our project.

Mrs. Eileen Attwell - Interview and photographs used throughout the website.

Mr. Bob Berry - Photographs and information about Bletchley Railway Station.

Bletchley Leisure Centre - Information about the Leisure Centre.

Mrs. Pauline Bond - Interview and information about early 'overspill' days.

Lena & Doug Boult - Interview about their time as Lakes estate residents.

Mr. Walter Bourne - Interview about the beginnings of the Lakes Estate.

Buckinghamshire County Museum - Permission to use the postcard image on our home page.

Chronicle & Echo, Northampton - Photographs of Eaton Mill School, Bletchley Fire Station and the Queen's Visit.

Mrs. Jo Coll - Her experience of the Queen's visit.

Mrs. Eileen Corden - Photographs and information used throughout the website.

County Hall Archives, Aylesbury - Old Council records and information.

Mr. Roland Doggett - Interview and information about Bletchley's industry.

Mr. Gerald Dolling - Information about Water Eaton Lido.

Mrs. Margaret Drinkwater - Personal memories of the Lakes estate.

Eaton Mill County Combined School - Photographs, information and support with this project.

Mr. Barrie Field - Interview and information about Bletchley Youth Club.

Mr. Brian Giggins , Archaeological & Archive Officer, Milton Keynes Council - Photographs of Bletchley used throughout the website.

Mr. Lionel Grech - Interview and general information about Bletchley.

Mr. Denis Gurney - Interview about the beginnings of the Lakes estate.

Mr. John Hardy - Photographs of the Queen's Visit.

Mrs Lorraine Heywood - Photograph of Fire Station Open Day.

Mrs. Hollis - Suggested further contacts for Queen's Visit information.

Mr. Alan Howkins , Leisure Facilities Advisor, Milton Keynes Council - Information about Bletchley Leisure Centre and general Bletchley history.

Dr. Peter Jarvis - Interview giving general history of Bletchley.

Mr. Patrick Kenny, retired Police Officer - Interview about Bletchley police station and its history.

Mr. Tony Lamming, Milton Keynes Council - Information about the Lakes estate.

Leon School - Photographs and information about the school.

Living Archive - Project support.

London Metropolitan Archives - Photographs of the Lakes estate.

Ms. Ruth Meardon, Milton Keynes Library - General photographs of Bletchley.

Milton Keynes Citizen - Photographs of Eaton Mill School, the Queen's visit and Mr. & Mrs. Attwell. Featured articles that created new contacts for us.

Milton Keynes Sites and Monuments Record, Milton Keynes Council - General photographs of Bletchley used throughout the website.

Mrs. Freda Needham - Personal memories of the Lakes estate.

Open University CLUTCH Support Team - Support and training.

Mrs. Daphne Peacock - Interview and photograph regarding the Queen's visit.

Mr. Mick Peters, Senior Ambulance Technician - Interview and information about Bletchley ambulance station.

Ms. Elizabeth Richardson , Members' Services, Milton Keynes Council - Arranged permission to use Bletchley Coat of arms.

Mrs. Joan Smith, retired Headmistress - Photographs of the Queen's visit.

Mrs. Sarah Smith - Interview about her childhood in Bletchley.

Mr. John F. Smithie OBE, retired Town Manager of Bletchley Urban District Council - General information about Bletchley.

Stagecoach United Counties Head Office, Northampton - Suggested we contact Mr. Warwick.

Mr. Bob Stilton, Leading Firefighter - Information and photographs regarding Bletchley Fire Station.

Mrs. Ann Sullivan - Photographs of the Queen's Visit.

Kit & Mike Tasker - Interview about moving to Bletchley.

Chris Tennant - Interview about Bletchley's history.

Ticket collector at Bletchley Railway Station - Suggested we contact Mr. Bob Berry.

Mr. Roger Warwick - Photographs and information regarding Bletchley Bus Station.

Miss Joan West , retired School Teacher - Interview and photographs regarding Eaton Mill school.

Beryl & Sean Wiseman - Information and photographs regarding the Lakes estate.

Mr. George Wood - Photographs of the Queen's Visit.

Angie Wright (clutch club member) - Permission to use digital images.

We would also like to thank the following people who expressed an interest in this project, but were unable to help at this time.
Sir Phillip Duncombe.

Mr. P. Foulkes.

Mr. W. Griffin.

Mr. Peter Johnstone.

Mrs. Stella Ogilvie.

Mrs. Pearce.

Mr. Ron Spendloff

Also, we would like to thank our respective spouses and partners for their support and understanding - without it we could not have acheived what we have.