I can remember the first day I walked in the job and we didn't have no uniforms, I had a suit, it's quite a nice suit and I walked in that particular morning down the old station and he said "I can give you a cap ". Now, I've got a grey suit and a black cap you know and a badge and that was the only thing you could identify yourself with and that lasted for 6 to 9 months before I got a new uniform, some of that was second hand because that's how things were.

The old uniforms were smart, when you did get one it was smart, chrome buttons, pockets with buttons on. It did look smart and you always had to wear a hat and a tie, but it wasn't practical, because you'd go to someone's house and get down to someone who's on the floor , the minute you bent down you'd bet your life your hat'd fall down and hit them in the face. Which is not very nice, is it? You know . So the only headwear we wear now is, we've got baseball caps. If it's raining we can wear them and protective helmets if we go to buildings on fire - we follow the fire brigade in - they look after us. Or if we're in debris of cars it also helps to protect your head.

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