The Modern Timberyard

James Latham Company took over Rowlands' timberyard in 1942 and had a long tradition of handling wood dating back to Henry Latham, who in 1757 had been a dealer in exotic hard woods in Liverpool of some note. In 1815 his nephew, the James Latham, after whom the company was named, established a timber business in London. The initial site at Bow was later followed by a second branch at Shoreditch.
The Level Crossing on the Simpson Road in Fenny Stratford. The photograph on the left is c1925 and Rowland Bros. timberyard is clearly visible beyond the crossing. In the right photograph, dated 1985, Rowlands' has been replaced by Lathams.
In 1900 the business became a private company, and by 1912 had aquired Leeside Wharf in Northeast London. Following a renovation in the 1980's this became one of the largest timber distribution centres in London. The company now trades as Latham Timberbase and has the Fenny Stratford site as regional and head office.

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