Guru Harkrishan (1656-1664)
Eighth Guru

Guru Harkrishan become a Guru at the age of five and the son of Guru Har Rai Ji. His mother was Bibi Kishan Kaur. He lived a short life of eight years. At this age he showed great miracles and helped poor people.
He was the youngest son of Guru Har Rai. Guru Harkrishan had the ability in explaining passages from the Holy book (Sri-Guru Granth Sahib). He reminded disciples there was one God alone and asked to discard passions. Learn the truth way of life and also be charity, able love everyone. He died of cholera, when he started his mission of going to the afflicted colonies and nursed the suffering people with his own hands.
Gurdwara Bangle Sahib has been built at the place, where the Guru stayed when he came to Delhi.Thousands of pilgrims visit daily.
Guru's messages is truthfulness and care for others.
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