Guru Gobind Singh (1666-1708)
Tenth Guru.

Guru Gobind Singh the master and creator of Singh (Khalsa was born December 22 1666 A.D, at Patna now the capital of province of Bihar in India.
Gurn Gobind Singh was only son of Guru Tegh Bahadur. He was made Guru at the age of nine, after his father was assassinated under the pressure of Mughals Empire to convert Hindus to the Islamic faith. His mother Gujri was a courageous lady, she named the child Guru as Gobind Rai.
When he founded the Khalsa Path, his Name changed into Guru Gobind Singh. Guru thought about the conditions of the time, he faced future dangers against the cruel rule of the Mughals. The Guru wrote poetry bearing the thoughts of bravery and valour.
The followers of Guru, started gathering strength to fight against the cruelty of the Mughal Empire.
Guru Gobind Singh set up the "Khalsa Order". The five K's were started by him. By explaining the significance of five identities for a Sikh as a virtal success being a Singh.
Simiulary from the second Guru to the nineth Guru the successor follow on.
Guru Gobind Singh, becomes a soldier saints. Guru had to take up arms in defence of his home and faith. Guru Ji, parepared the Hindus against many battles with th Maghals (Ismaic Rulers). Muslims wished everyone at that time to convert themself to islamic.
Guru lost his two younger sons Ajit Singh and Jujhar Singh. They refused to give up their faith. The Guru's two older sons, Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh, died on a battlefield along with many other followers of their father.

Sikhs gather at Anandpur on the day of Holi, the hindu festival of colours. Mock battles and military exercises are staged. There is horse riding and athletics in memory of Guru Gobind Singh and his followers. Guru called this occasion Holla. Maholla show their skills with their swords.
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