Guru Amar Das (1479-1574)
Third Guru.

Guru Amar Das was related to Guru Angad, the second Guru. His father was Bhai Tej Bhan and his mother Bibi Lachhmi. He spread Sikhism far and wide by making disciples in charge of different regions. He asked the sikhs to get together on the occasion of Baisakhi, Diwali and Maghi. He carried on the tradition of Langar.
Langar (community kitchen) a specical and important feature of the sikh religion. This practise began since the times of Guru Nanak. It is a free kitchen from where food is given free to everyone without any consideration of caste, colour or religion. Voluntary come and cook the food, serve in the dining area.
Guru started this, has a common bond of brotherhood. Langar is another important that,this is the house of Guru.
Guru's daughter Bibi Bhani,later married to Ram Das who, succeeded as Guru Ram Das,the fourth Guru.
Our present city of Amritsar was laid,the city is little more than four hundred years old and a large centre of the sikh religion.
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