Thanks for your help

The Eaton Mill Fenny Stratford Clutch Club would like to thank the following people for their help with the research for this web site;

Monica, Malcolm & Steven Austin
Mr R Bettridge, County Archivist, Bucks County Council
Bletchley Library
Brian Giggins, Archaeological Officer, Milton Keynes Borough Council
Ted Legg
Local History Library, Central Milton Keynes
Hedley Pengelly F.S.A.
Martin Pengelly
Chris Smith, Sales & Marketing Manager, Latham Timberbase
Arthur & Sheila Tink

This CLUTCH Club (Computer Literacy Understanding Through Community History) was funded by The Millennium Commission and managed by The Living Archive Project and the Clutch Support Team at the Open University. Our thanks to these.

Finally, thanks to the Headteacher, pupils and staff of Eaton Mill Combined School for hosting the project and especially Lisa Jeffery, the club’s instigator and mentor.