1801 Buckingham arm of Grand Union Canal opened, going through Deanshanger

1820 Foundry established by Richard Roberts

1843 John Roberts takes over from father

1847 Iron Foundry & blacksmith shop employ 10 people

1853 Death of John Roberts

1859 Edwin Roberts, son of John takes over

1861 Purchased 1 acre of land, inc. original Fox & Hounds pub

1866 Row of 7 cottages "Making Row" purchased and added to site

1868 Purchased 5 1/2 acres across the road

1872 Prize won at the Great Exhibition

1875 Edwin invites younger brother Henry to be his partner. Company recorded as Roberts, Edwin & Henry. Engineers and Agricultural Implement Makers

1890 Formation of Limited Company, assets of £37,000

1894 Prize

1896 Trade catalogue

1907 Edwin Roberts died. Son Tom Roberts takes over

1910 150 people employed. Displayed 69 ploughs at Altrincham Agricultural Show.

1912 Fire

1914 Boom period ( due to WW1)

1924 Decline

1926 Steam tram to Stony Stratford and Wolverton closed down

1927 Closure and liquidation of E & H Roberts

1929 Auction of machinery, stock and trademarks. Site 36.000 sq. ft. 3 acres of land vacant

1930s Interest in site from biscuit manufacturer

1935 Abraham Wreschner and sons Hans and Kurt arrive as refugees from Nazi Germany. Started Red Lead / Iron Oxide production with Morris Ashby under company name of Ashby Smeltings

1940s WW2. Abraham Wreschner interned Isle of Man

1961 Rights of navigation on canal abandoned and sections sold off

1979 Billitons division of Shell becomes joint owners of Morris Ashby.

1981 Works renamed Deanox

1982 Harrison & Crosfield bought Deanshanger Oxides from Wreschners and Shell. Works renamed Harcross

1983 Boiler explosion. 1 fatality

1986 Blue shop expansion

1987 Recovered red oxide production ceased

1991 Red lead production ceased

1995 Demolition and decontamination of red lead

1998 Works renamed Elementis

1999 30th March - last order shipped out. Closure and demolition of site. loss of 95 jobs. Hans Wreschner died. Deanshanger Heritage Society formed. Deanshanger CLUTCH group research history of Works

2000 Development of land owned by Harrison & Crosfield. Deanshanger Heritage Society hold first village heritage day. Deanshanger CLUTCH group produce web site on the Works.