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"During the Boer War iron products marked
E & H Roberts, Deanshanger
were seen in South Africa"Bill Case
Joseph Barby talks about the Ironworks
"The Foundry itself had no less than seven heavy cart horses whose duty was to take various orders to Wolverton goods yard. Four drays would do two trips per day and would return with various stores such as bolts, rivets, screws and kegs of paint" Bill Case
Joseph Barby talks about looking through the windows
" we (boys) used to climb up the Iron Works and look through the window at these men sweating away at work ... they were pouring molten metal into these different patterns for plough shares..." Joseph Barby
"At Easter of this year (1924) I commenced to earn my living (at 14) as store boy in E & H Roberts Agricultural Works at 10/- per week" Bill Case
" When the crash came in 1927 many men became unemployed and it was pathetic to see so many men of the village travelling to the Labour Exchange twice a week to Wolverton and back. " Bill Case
" I was coming from school along Patricks Lane, when the whistle went at dinner time, that was when all the men came trooping out and it was closed down ..." Joseph Barby
" It stood empty for years... it all grew up weeds and everything" Joseph Barby
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