Local people remember the Wreschner family in the 1930s
Sir Gordon Roberts speaks about his father's relationship with his employers, the Wreschners

"It was Christmas 1939, I think, and us kids felt sorry for them [the Wreschners]. We decided to go and sing some carols to them outside their house. We were still in two minds about them. We were singing when the door opened and the old man stood there in the dim light without a smile on his face. We stopped singing and he said: "Come in." We stood there and he said it again. He said it in such a voice that he put us off, so we turned and ran like the wind." Bill Foddy

Joseph Barby, too, has memories of the Wreschners:

"The Wreshner family kindly donated the wedding cake, we appreciated their thoughts." Bill Case

Or as it appeared on the front page of THE WOLVERTON EXPRESS, 8th October -


Miss M. W. Read and Mr W. H. Case...The happy couple were recipients of nearly seventy useful presents, which included the wedding cake, a gift from Mr. A. Wreschner, a director of the firm of Morris Ashby Smelting Company Ltd., Deanshanger, by whom the bridegroom is employed.

King's Brook with the iron foundry in the background
Sir Gordon Roberts

"I remember old man Wreschner. There was a crowd of (us) kids skating on the canal when the door to the factory opened. Out stepped this very rotund character who we had never seen the like of before. He was dressed in these Bavarian clothes with a Homburg hat with a feather plume in it, trousers with big braces on, that were knee length, with knee-high socks.

He started to shout at us. "Get off the ice! It is dangerous."

We stopped and stared and thought to ourselves, he's a German, how dare he order us around." Bill Foddy.

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