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When the big vat was installed the company bought 300 trees to screen it. These were planted by the Primary school children, with their names on brass plaques.
Ange Gay talking about childhood memories of the works
Joseph Barby talks about the works
It is said that during the Gulf War, the many RAF practice flights over the area were using the Oxide works chimneys as a landmark for turning.
Once a worker fell in the yellow vat and spent some time rotating around it, clinging onto the paddle. It's said that his fellow workers, on seeing a pair of yellow glasses going round the vat, ran off in fright. Happily he was finally rescued
Red dust often covered clothes on the washing line and even a baby in the pram in a garden.
Sir Gordon Roberts talks about the works
Lesley Marshall talks about scrap metal
Lesley Marshall talks about Vat Chat
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