Inside the Works in Pictures:
The Blue Shop

These photographs were taken between December 1998 and July 1999 . During this time the factory was already starting to be dismantled.

The captions may not be fully comprehensive. If you have any additions please let us know! Click on a picture for a closer look.

Looking down the blue shop showing presses for Copperas cleaning above. The screws. The Hoesch Press.
Effluent lime plant discharging into an Agrivert truck. This went for land-spreading and is environmentally friendly.
Another view of the Hoesch Press. Copperas mixing tank. Cuss Press for water treatment.Here the ferrous sulphate crystals (Copperas) were filtered. Chalk was added to raise the pH in order to drop out any impurities.
One of the aeration vats where the seed was made, taken from above. Here it had already been taken out of service and the pipes had been cut off.
A view from the lime plant to the end of the blue shop, storage tanks on the left. Superstrong vat made of GRP, where ferrous sulphate crystals were mixed with liquor to form a suspension.
An iron pit where steel would have been stored. The agitator in the vat.
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