In the late 1990's Harrisons and Crossfield restructured, and their pigment division was renamed Elementis.
They looked to the Far East to keep and expand their market share.
In 1997 Elementis opened a newly designed iron oxide manufacturing plant, this was built from scratch and located in China.
The new Chinese plant was sited to exploit the expanding Far Eastern market and meant the Deanshanger plant was now no longer viable. Production ceased on the 30th March 1999, with the loss of 100 jobs.
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When closure came, feelings were mixed. The works with its central location and extensive area had been a significant part of many peoples lives for well nearly two centuries.

For most of the village, travel to and from Deanshanger involved driving down the High Street between the two halves of the works and under the battery of pipes that linked the "new factory" with the "old factory", dramatic both during the night shift with floodlights catching smoke and steam, and in the day with its towering chimneys, high walled red and yellow buildings, vehicles and men.

It was dusty, colourful, industrial and dominant ....but it was the heart of Deanshanger.

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