The Concrete Griffin 1981-1983 Eaglestone Local Centre Play-Area

This special feature was requested in 1980 by the landscape architect responsible for designing Eaglestone play area. The constructing of the play area was eventually started in December 1982! so I spent a fairly leisurely two years planning, designing and building the concrete griffin and was able to do this work when other projects permitted.

I chose a griffin theme because, as a mythical beast, it is half eagle and half lion (the eagle part fitting in with Eaglestone) and also it was a better shape than an eagle to use as a play sculpture.

In December 1982 the griffin, in sections, was moved to the play area that was under construction. It was at this point that I started to directly involve the local school children and local community in the project. (The local combined school being adjacent to the play area).

Written by Artist Lesley Bonner