Netherfield 1974 - Train and Buggy
Milton Keynes first community art - The train Bill Billings built with the help of some dads a beach buggy appeared too!

In 1974 Bill Billings lived in Netherfield, at that time play areas were signposted mud.

Bill told a friend " when the sign hits the mud i'm going to build something", the need for play areas in a newly built place is great and Bill took it upon himself to give the children what they wanted, The Train. It was built from broken breeze blocks and ripped bags of sand given by the builders on Tinkers Bridge, a track was laid down and at the end of it Bill and some local dad's had created another delight for the young children a beach buggy complete with steering wheel and tyres!.

This was the beginning, more pieces of artwork followed, a tree house, an Indian fort, all appeared on Netherfield.