Extract from letter sent by Leslie Shields, a former evacuee to Clipston:

Arrival in Clipston

The school was the first building I saw upon reaching Clipston! It was dark by the time the bus pulled up outside the school and we were all very tired and hungry.
We were ushered through the main front-door into what seemed a spacious hall, with seats arranged on either side of a centre gangway. Various people (mostly ladies, I think) handed out food and drink while the billeting arrangements were being made by, among others Mr Bassett (the billeting officer) who had been asked to look out for a single quiet boy for placing with an elderly couple. I had no brothers or sisters and must have seemed suitable because other children gradually disappeared in ones and twos until eventually there remained only myself and a gentleman whom I found out later was Mr Halstrap, the Headmaster.
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George VI's message to all schoolchildren ,

8th June , 1946

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