Schoolmasters Over The years

The founder of the school, Sir George Buswell, in his will provided the following requirements be met for the role,

'If the schoolmaster so to be chosen shall marry or take any woman to wife, or take upon him any cure of souls, or to preach any constant lecture, then in every of the cases he shall be disabled to keep or continue the said school and another person shall then be forthwith elected and placed in his room.'

The will also stipulated that the schoolmaster,

'shall be a graduate in one of the universities of Oxford or Cambridge, an orthodox person, conformable to the doctrine and discipline of the Church of England.'

He was to teach the children to read, and write, grammer and the Latin tongue, the Church Catechism, and he was also daily to use and read the Common Book of Prayer to the children, and the poor persons, "who are duly to attend and join therin".

In 1773, further orders were made by the trustees, and the provision restraining the schoolmaster from marrying or acting as a clergyman in Clipston was dispensed with 'as it caused great inconvenience.'

Over the last quarter of the millennium the school has had relatively few changes of schoolmasters and the following section tries to list them going backwards in time.

1974-Present P. Hawkins

Mr Hawkins is the present Head at Clipston School. As well as managing the day to day running of the school, he teaches the year six pupils. One of the 11 year olds in his class had this to say about him.

1950-1974 V.D. Cartmel B.Sc.

Mr Cartmel (3rd from left). Sports day in 1952.

Mr Cartmel introduced school uniform which consisted of a maroon blazer and badge , with grey skirt or trousers.

1928-1950 E.A.Halstrap B.Sc.

Girls as well as boys, now attended. School dinners were introduced at this time.

Mr Halestrap (middle row 2nd from left) was made retirement gifts by the children. The girls made a quilt and the boys a wooden cabinet.
He was a very strict master and known to cane children for as little as talking in class.
He was well respected and taught Geography and science particularly well. He expected a lot from his staff , but always supported them.
Mr Ray Clifford tells a story of a school inspector, who was ejected from the school by Mr Halestrap, after making one of his young teachers cry.

1922-1928 H.Shrive

1891-1922 John Wale

He was a very strict teacher who cocerntrated on teaching maths and English.

John Wale right hand corner, photo taken with Grammar School boys in 1906.

1881-1891 H. Reading

1864-1881 Revd. W.F.Boyd M.A.

1863-1864 Revd. F. Iliffe, M.A.

1857-1863 Revd. T.T. Day

43 boys recorded on the roll of the school

1845-1857 Revd. E. Bates M.A.

A Curate of Kelmarsh Parish and Master of the Hospital and Chaplain of the School; a Mr.G. Ludham was Master of the school.

1842- 1845Revd. T.Walker M.A

He objected to the appointment of a clergyman as Master – as the Master should not read prayers in the hospital part of the school---however the Trustees persisted and Mr. Bates( a clergyman) was appointed. A Rector and therefore automatically held office of Headmaster, but could discharge his duties engaging another under his supervision—a Mr. G. Macfarlan appointed on £10 p.a. (paid out of the Headmasters salary of £90 p.a.) However the Trustees disagreed -and Mr. Macfarlan resigned.---complaints that Mr. Walker was "neglecting duties" and Trustees appointed new Head Mr. Bates.

1840-1842 Revd. E. Baines M.A.

A Rector Classical Scholar, and Author.

1820-1839 Revd. J. Bull M.A.

A Curate whose salary was £100 p.a.
There were 45-50 boys at the school.

1780-1819 Revd. E.Williams

A curate.

1773-1779 Revd. T. Reynolds

The Headmaster was a Curate and now able to marry, without losing his position.

1748-1773 Revd. R. Onely M.A.

His profession was described as an author.


The name of the Schoolmaster at this time is unknown.
"slackness" was reported of the Trustees .
"Orders" regulating the schoolmasters duties, included repairing the historical school clock.