School Trips

While the school was a Grammar School, children over the age of eleven were allowed to go on trips to various places once a year during the summer. A bus would take the school party to Market Harborough Station and they would always travel by train.
On one occasion they went to Rhyll in North Whales and then they travelled on to see the Lever Brother's factory at Port Sunlight. They were shown around the offices and the production line and then returned to Rhyll where some of the children paddled in the sea.
They went to Llandudno, travelling up the Great Orme and also to London to see the Houses of Parliament. One very memorable trip was to Southampton to see the sister ship of the Lusitania, the Mauretania (see picture below).
It was not all just for fun of course and Mr Halestrap used to set the children a list of things to take note of during the day. When they returned they were asked to write an essay about the school journey. This made some of the children very fearful of forgetting important facts while they were away. However the best essay writers were rewarded with a prize on Speech Day.
Later on in the 1940's there was at least one trip by coach to the cinema in Market Harborough to see the newly released film of 'Pinnochio'.
RMS Mauretania berthed Southampton 1930 - 1934