The Bricks

The School was designed and built by a local man Matthew Coles

These drawings of the school and hospital were drawn by a Mr Blackwell in 1926 before any of the major alterations were done to the building. The orginals can be seen hanging in the school to the present day.

The Remodelling of 1926/27

By 1926 the Trustees had sufficient funds to remodel the School and also to:
"build cottages in a portion of the ground for poor people hitherto housed in the Old Hospital. Mr Blackwell of Kettering is the architect for reorganising the School, the frontage and characteristic features of the 1667 building being carefully preserved……In future, therefore, the Hospital and School will be separated, the latter retaining the ancient name of Grammar School".

These changes being initiated by the then Rector, Revd. T. Orbel, Chairman of the Trustees. Mr Blackwell made a series of scale drawings of the Hospital as it stood, which can be seen above.

The builders were Messrs. T. Hickman & Sons of Market Harborough, the foreman in charge being Joseph Wilford a native of Clipson.

This picture was kindly donated by Mr Alex Peagram. It shows the school with the Clock Tower and Cupula. This definately dates it before the alterations in 1926.
Another pre 1928 picture donated by Mr A. Peagram.

The Changes of 1926/27

* Removal of the Bell Tower with Cupola in the centre of the building.
* Insertion of large windows to the side and rear of the building.
* Cottages built on the West side of the building for the old people.

In the process of the alterations - note the removal of the bell tower.

Luckily, the fine Oak Staircase; the old stone staircases to the East and West, and many other features were retained.

The pulpit desk at which the Master of the Hospital had read prayers for many years and some of the pews/desks the children sat upon can still be seen today. The pews still get used by the children, but usually for the storage of kit not for their orginal purpose!

A view of a corner of a pew showing the inscriptions scratched after many generations of schoolchildren. A noticable one being Maurice Wilford's, who was a local Clipston historian, trustee of the School and scholar at the school during 1913 - 1917.

The School opened again on 4th January 1928, by the Bishop of Peterborough, Dr. C. M. Blagden.

A modern day view of the two bungalows built as alms houses in 1928

More Recent Additions to the School

1975 - 1976

The School buildings had been the same size since 1926. The school was growing and still had external toilets and no School Hall. Plans were drawn up by Blackwell,Storry and Scott and work progressed in these two years, this time with no closure for the children, unlike 1926. The additions included:

  • School Hall and Catering facilities (recently meals had been cooked outside of school)
  • Internal toilets and cloakroom
  • Additional classroom
  • Staff room


The Catering facilities, now not needed as Northamptonshire LEA had ceased subsiding lunch time meals, were turned into the under 4?s playgroup. Run externally from the school but very much a part of school life.


With a still growing School population, as houses in catchement villages? increased, a classroom for each year group was needed. This involved an additional classroom build and a mobile classroom to house the approx. 158 schoolchildren in the School.
The plans were drawn up by the LEA and the builders were Messrs. Craggs of Kettering.
The new facilities were available for use in September 1999.