About Us
Helping the Clutch Club, Jeanne is a local historian and has great expertise in research skills. She is Vice Chair of Governors of Brooksward School, and a Blue Badge Tourist Guide, for North Bucks and Milton Keynes. She has an interest in Genealogy, and can often be seen wandering around Churchyards looking at gravestones to aid her research.
A wearer of many hats, Kathryn is a Parent Governor, Member of the Inland Waterways Association, and has two sons and a daughter attending Brooksward School. Kathryn was interested in learning word processing and web designing skills. However, she also has another creative side and is very keen at cross-stitch. Never let it be said that Kathryn has a cross patch nature!
Husband to Kathryn, Martyn is a Civil Servant working with computers and was keen to learn about the imac computer and what it can do. Martyn is connected to the Scouting Fellowship, and can often be seen surrounded by PC's and a rucksack!
Already having word processing skills, Krystyna was keen to learn about web design and so joined the Clutch Club. Krystyna has a daughter attending Brooksward School, and has two teenage sons who also used to attend the school. Krystyna works part-time at a firm of solicitors processing the paperwork to set up companies, and is the editor of their in-house magazine.
Suave, smooth and sophisticated (when he's had a shave), Roger has a son at Brooksward School. He took on this project because he was interested in audio editing, to enhance his skills as a freelance web designer. Roger designed the web page for Brooksward School's which can be seen by visiting