The 'House' System
From September 1925 to December 1958
The 'House' System was introduced by Mr Currie in September 1926.The idea behind it was to encourage 'team spirit' within the School. Originally only the Senior boys were involved.They were allocated to the two Houses, Grasshoppers and Wasps, according to their place in the School Register. After six months the Junior boys were included and another House was added, Dragonflies. Each House was to have an elected Captain and Committee with a House Master who according to Mr Currie's notes in the School Log "acts as consultant, guide and friend". Points could be earned for the 'House' in the following ways, "1.Being chosen to play in School Teams. 2. Scoring in School Teams. 3.Exceptional Play (if the team decides). 4 Perfect attendence. 5.Term examinations. 6.Scholarships. 7. Manual instruction'. There was a House Shield which was paid for by donations from ''Old Boys', parents, present scholars and friends". Mr Currie's plan was to bear fruit, the boys set great store on their House, as Roy Eggleton an 'Old Boy' said "your House was everything".With sport as the main focus for the House System (as you can see from the list above), the boys competed in teams and individually for the ultimate honour of a trophy for their House.