Ball Games
In this picture the 'Fives' court can be seen marked on the side of the building.
A popular ball game remembered by the 'Old Boys' was the game of 'Fives'. This was played on a marked out court on the outside wall of the school. The object of the game was to hit a small ball, using the palm of the hand, above the line marked on the building. The boys played this game in pairs, alternating with each other. The loser was the boy who failed to hit above the line or out of the court. 'Fives' is very similar to the more recent game of Squash.

A game very similar to cricket, called Skittles was also popular at this time. The only difference being, instead of the traditional wicket with stumps, a tripod with a square board on top was used at each end.

Today the only ball game played regularly at playtime is football.