Playground games
Some games have been played on and off over the years, becoming hugely popular then fading away again. Yoyos are a good example of this. They made a recent come back in 1999 and provided the children with as much fun as they did a hundred years ago. The original Yoyos were probably home made using basic materials, where as today they show the signs of modern technology by having gears, clutches, lights and sounds!
Trading games using cards, have always been a popular pass time for the children, especially at playtime. In the earlier days of Beaudesert, Cigarette picture cards were traded, swopped and won. They were collected from packets of tea and cigarettes. Today the children still collect and trade cards, however they are usually purchased from shops rather than being available free in packets of food. Trends also change very quickly and the children are under more peer pressure to collect the latest products. Pokemon Cards and Pogs were a recent phenomenon. It reached a stage when nearly every child became Pokemon collectors, and the trading was creeping into the class room. In the end Beaudesert and other schools banned the cards.
Viv Willis recalls playing with cigarette cards in the playground.