Beaudesert Clutch Club is comprised of five mums with children at Beaudesert Lower School and at Middle School. At the start of this project we felt daunted at the idea of conducting interviews and undertaking historical research let alone creating a web site. Four out of the five of us couldn't even operate a mouse without the fear of causing havoc on the computer.

However six months down the line we are proud of our achievements. As well as producing a website that can be used educationally, we have also uncovered a lost war memorial, a 78rpm record sung by the boys in the 1950's and a history that seems to be never ending.

Certain areas of the site, such as the design and general look, were created by the group as a whole. Other areas were done by one or other of us. We all chose an area to research and create, so as to gain experience and overall understanding of website creation.

The areas were as follows -

Timeline by Kay Vincelli

Figureheads by Cindy Coughtrey

Special Days by Karen Groome

Playground Games: sound, images, pop-ups by Becky Atkins, text - Group input.

School Meals by Karen Groome

Education by Cindy Coughtrey

Traditions by Linda Byrne

The history of Beaudesert School is vast, we may not have covered every aspect of it and for this we apologise.The end of January 2001 was the deadline we had for the completion of our course when work had to stop. However we are hoping to update the site in the future.